Touched by the hand of Mod - Taylor Parkes & Sarah Manning, 19th November 1994

Touched by the hand of Mod – Taylor Parkes & Sarah Manning, 19th November 1994.

Taylor – this is the piece that Robin quoted on his blog recently.

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Touched by the hand of Mod - Phil Daniels Rebellious Jukebox, 19th November 1994

Phil Daniels Rebellious Jukebox, 19th November 1994.

This is for Grace, although I’m not sure she’ll even remember why by now. Hint: The clue’s in the intro.

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Touched by the hand of Mod - Catlin Moran on Menswear, 19th November 1994

Touched by the hand of Mod (and the hand of Goth by the looks of those shoes second from right)

Caitlin Moran on Menswear, 19th November 1994. Photo by Piers Allardyce.

“We had a plan and it appears to be working. All we have to do now is be brilliant” says Johnny.

Yeah that’s always the tricky part isn’t it?

David Stubbs interviews Simon and Chris Donald of Viz Magazine, 12th December 1987

David Stubbs interviews Simon and Chris Donald of Viz Magazine, 12th December 1987. Photos by Phil Nicholls

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Sidelines - REM, The Pretenders, The B-52s and Erasure record for animal rights, 26th Oct 1991

Your wish, my command – etc. etc. I’d probably have skipped this without the request – I think now that you can see and read it for yourself you’ll understand why.

Mr. Agreeable savages Lush tomorrow.

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While skimming through this issue the Backlash page caught my eye due to one of the published letters being from one Alex Petridis. For those of you that don’t recognise that name, Alex has grown up to become Alexis Petridis, The Guardian’s head rock and pop critic. Not sure what prompted the shift from Alex to Alexis, and very unsure about Push’s response – Todd Rundgren!

Update: Via the unbridled joys of Twitter this explanation from the horse’s mouth. “I’m afraid the name change is down to MM’s crappy subbing. I’ve always been Alexis.”

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Richey Edwards still missing. NME news item, 4th March 1995.

Blame it on the fact that I was forced to read Roland Barthes, Mythologies at an impressionable age but all I can see looking at this spread now is “Get Ready Gravediggaz”. They’ve had to wait a long time but Richey Edwards was finally declared officially dead today. R.I.P.

4Real or not 4Real? That is the question.

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Sarah Champion on Manchester’s Acid scene, 22nd October 1988.

The other 2 pages of the NME feature on the acid scene for everyone joining from Faith Fanzine forum. Do you want more of this stuff?

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Paolo Hewitt interviews Paul Oakenfold about Acid Culture, 22nd October 1988.

You could sum up this whole piece with “Take drugs kids, they’re amazing and everyone is doing them”. Of course, the NME couldn’t come out and say this directly, especially when they’ve started the piece by accusing the media of being out to kill the acid scene because of the drugs the media assume are involved. So you get quotes from Oakenfold like this,

“Obviously, drugs are involved but I don’t know to what extent. It’s impossible to say”.

Er, yeah…sure Paul. Maybe it’s impossible to say because you’ve already taken so much Ecstasy your brain resembles swiss cheese.

He continues with this gem, where if you replace the cipher word ‘fun’ with ‘drugs’ does actually sum up the scene perfectly.

“The key,” he [Oakenfold] explains, “the secret to the whole thing is fun. People have never had so much fun. People thought they would never be able to dance again. I’m 26 and I thought I’d never dance again. Now I go to clubs and dance. When you’ve got something that is so much fun everyone wants a piece of it.”

Haha! Who did they think they were kidding? Drugs have always been at the heart of every vibrant music scene. With the Acid/Rave scene they were at the heart, lungs, eyes, feet and every other part of the body. The real reason why so much modern music sucks so badly is because society sorely lacks for a new drug to kickstart it.

One of the brilliant things about the web is how so many of these records are being archived and made available on themed mp3 blogs. Audio.Out is particularly good, especially for the rarer stuff. Indeed it’s just posted Balearic Beats Volume 1, Part 1 which ties in nicely with this interview.

Oh and if you fancy saying hello to Paolo Hewitt he’s just launched his own blog

Who watches The Watchmen? The Daily Mail of course.

Ian Gittins profiles The Cranberries in Sidelines, 20th July 1991

I’ve never understood the retrospective cringe factor expressed by many of the writers about their past work appearing on this site up to now. I’ve never tried to intentionally embarrass any of the writers. But this…thisĀ  is embarrassing. Ian – I’m really, really sorry but it’s too good not to post.