Chris Roberts reviews Disintergration, 6th May 1989

February 22, 2010

Chris Roberts reviews Disintergration, 6th May 1989

Quite a sniffy review for Disintergration. I always thought this was the last really decent album The Cure made.

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2 Responses to “Chris Roberts reviews Disintergration, 6th May 1989”

  1. Chris Says:

    The harsh criticism in this review seams rather surprising if you bear in mind that they voted this record as their “Album Of The Year” only half a year later. They then described it as “a deep, lush, brooding music that served to frame Smith’s vocal vulnerability with tarnished perfection.”. Of course there’s always a difference to be made between the opinion of a single writer and that of the whole editorial staff. But in my view the discrepancy shouldn’t be as big as in this case.

  2. daz green Says:

    Thanks for this, and a big thank you for this excellant website. Its only flaw is the lack of 70s and 80s stuff. When i think of all those NME and Sounds i threw in the dustbin!!
    Still a great site though. cheers

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