The Beloved on the cover of Melody Maker, 27th January 1990. Photo by Tom Sheehan.

So the big news today came from this link where IPC announced plans to revive the Melody Maker name with a comprehensive online archive of the magazine.

I’ve joined the good folks over at the WSC forum in expressing my cynicism that it’s anything more than just hot air. I’d love to see it happen but won’t be holding my breath.

And relax…

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David Stubbs interviews The Butthole Surfers, 2nd April 1988

David Stubbs interviews The Butthole Surfers part2, 2nd April 1988

David Stubbs interviews The Butthole Surfers, 2nd April 1988. Photos by Andy Catlin.

You can either read this for the outrageous Stubbsianisms that pepper this interview, cf. “Plunging in at the anus and excavating, tunnelling a giant point of exit at the sockets, they are one part giant surge of flesh, one part holy revelation.” or for Gibby’s quotes, which ironically, sound a lot like Stubbs alter-ego to be – “Hue and what? Fuck me…Humourless and Cry [more like!]”

Either way it’s worth reading.  And if you’ve never heard of the Butthole Surfers then why not track down Locust Abortion Technician or Hairway to Steven

butthole surfers on the cover of melody maker, 2nd April 1988

The Butthole Surfers on the cover of Melody Maker, 2nd April 1988. Photo by Andy Catlin.

This because I was in the office the other day and The Butthole Surfers came on the stereo.

“Wow! Who put the Butthole’s on?” I asked.

“Oh I dunno who it is…it’s the Dumb and Dumber soundtrack”


Hello everyone.

Despite the lack of posts for, let’s face it 5 months or so, this blog isn’t dead. But it has rather gone to seed hasn’t it? I’ve ignored it completely for months and it’s only a couple of comments that came through recently that have prompted me to revisit the old dear again tonight. Looking back at it again feels good though and it seems it’s still being looked at by just as many people everyday as it was back in June when I was still posting regularly.

This blog was born out of a change in my personal circumstances and it’s withered as a result of further changes. I’m not going to make any promises but I think it feels right to start again. Just don’t call it a new year’s resolution.