Simon Reynolds reviews Hunkpapa by Throwing Muses, 21st January 1989

January 26, 2010

Simon Reynolds reviews Hunkpapa by Throwing Muses, 21st January 1989

This was one of the many records I lost at college by innocently agreeing to lend it to ‘a friend’ never to see it again. Truth be told I didn’t much like it and probably bought it as much for the Vaughan Oliver sleeve as the music. And I don’t know why but the title of this record is always Hunkapapa in my head, I guess it just flows from the tongue better.

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5 Responses to “Simon Reynolds reviews Hunkpapa by Throwing Muses, 21st January 1989”

  1. glenn Says:

    Thanks so much for posting this!

    I was a bit of a Muses/4AD obsessive in that era and I met the band on that tour.

    Mr. Reynolds’ words seem harsh but…Hunkpapa never gets played in my house and the first album does.

    I was lucky enough to meet Tommy Stinson the same night I met the Muses.

  2. pavemental Says:

    Awesome review. Some of it spot on. The problem with this record is the production (going for the college radio market). I was (and am) a huge Muses fan and the record always left me somewhat non-plussed until I saw the songs performed live, that’s when the the material came to life with the kind of ferocity you’d expect. So, still one of their weakest slabs of vinyl, but contains some songs essential to the Muses cannon (eg Mania).

  3. estanis Says:

    thank you for this. i think i can say without much doubt that Throwing Muses are one of my favourite bands ever. “Hunkpapa” was not their best effort, but i don’t think they have ever made a sucky record.

  4. Chris Jackson Says:

    Interesting. I have a Hunkpapa CD signed by Kristin and David of the band. Also, someone has signed it ‘SIMON!’ I’ve never known who it was but now realize it could be Simon Reynolds!

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