Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 27th January 1990

January 21, 2010

Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 22nd January 1990

Correctly called ET. Blue Thunder is still a fucking gem. And yes, Shine On isn’t all that but I’m not sure I’d have been that dismissive. Other than that there’s proof that not everything McGee touched turned to gold with a review for The Times – remember them? And to the oh so punk Child Molesters – do you feel stupid now?

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3 Responses to “Everett True reviews the singles of the week, 27th January 1990”

  1. hellfried Says:

    so glad to see you re-activating the blog. promise you will not leave us again, ok?

  2. pavemental Says:

    Welcome back, you were sorely missed. Nice to see ET praise Galaxie 500 over Dinosaur, Valentines etc (at least ‘today’). I remember buying the 12″ and being blown away by the Joy Division cover. The real gem of this scan though is the review of “Broadcast Booth” by Drag Racing Underground. Awesome to see confirmation I’m not imagining the existence of this gem, and a record label: a further clue I can use to try and track it down! I remember Peel playing this track and I’ve been searching for it ever since. Off to google…

  3. […] True has revisited his review of Galaxie 500′s Blue Thunder single. The record was given the Single of the Week accolade in the Melody Maker’s singles reviews on 22nd January 1990 and was a pretty important step in Galaxie 500′s […]

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