Extended Intermission

August 18, 2009

As you’ll see I’m taking some time off from this blog at the moment.

I’ll be back soon. Subscribe to the RSS and then you’ll know when I’m posting regularly again.


3 Responses to “Extended Intermission”

  1. estanis Says:

    we’ll wait :D

    i have a little request for when you come back… that kristin hersh live review from 1994 that you can see announced on the top the underworld cover. there’s a picture i’ve never seen before, it would be nice.

    have a nice break!

  2. boring loser Says:

    could you post the interview where steven wells rips into bis? i’m not really a huge fan, but it sounds entertaining. and more taylor parkes, obviously.

  3. Neil Says:

    Oooh and I can’t remember who it was that wrote it, but the interview with Pantera, written in the style of Beavis and Butthead..

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