Caitlin Moran interviews American Music Club, 3rd September 1994

May 15, 2009

Caitlin Moran interviews American Music Club, 3rd September 1994

I’m not quite sure what got all the journos in such a froth over American Music Club and none got more frothy than Caitlin Moran. Still, she’s always worth reading and wrote too sparingly for the paper over the years so I’ve scanned this in as much for her writing as the band. Thanks to the marvel that is Spotify you can listen the whole of the San Francisco album and judge for yourself. Although the capsule review on Spotify doesn’t bode well,

“Regrettably, with their final effort, San Francisco, American Music Club went out with a whimper, not a bang. An undeveloped, erratic collection of songs, the record suffers under the weight of overly slick, commercial arrangements, and production which renders tracks like “It’s Your Birthday,” “Wish the World Away,” and “Hello Amsterdam” as bland alterna-rock; only the effervescent “Can You Help Me?” manages to absorb and transcend its glossy pop veneer.”

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3 Responses to “Caitlin Moran interviews American Music Club, 3rd September 1994”

  1. phil Says:

    They made one, great, utterly miserable album: ‘California’. As voluptuous an abyss of negativity you might ever want to fall into. It’s better than most of, say, REM’s albums, and possibly all of the Smiths.

    I’ve never heard anything else by them other than ‘United Kingdom’ and that does not compare well.

    Review below does it justice. Although I lose faith in the writer when he credits ‘In The Aeroplane Over The Sea’ (Neutral Milk Hotel) as being worthwhile.

    Charlie, old boy. We used to listen to California in my bedroom at my parents place. Adrift in a sea of lager and pot. Try and find the track ‘Highway 5’. I’m sure it’ll come back to you like a flood of virginity.

    It is a fucking good record and I am now wishing I didn’t just have a car boot sale and flog a load of extremely rare CD’s for less than the price of downloading the latest Animal Collective single on itunes.


  2. Harbour Says:

    Gotta disagree that AMC only made one great album, the triology of Engine, California & United Kingdom is as flawless as you can get,I actually think United Kingdom is the best of the three, it hass a ghostlike quality that is simply wonderful.
    Granted San Francisco is their weakest but the preceding two,Everclear & Mercury are both wonderfully special albums (perhaps only flawed by in parts by some misguided production), Rolling Stone didn’t vote Everclear third best album of 1991 for nothing!

  3. Nuemes Says:

    Funny; I think their weakest were the very first album and then United Kingdom. Engine, California, & Mercury are flawless to my ears. San Francisco has many songs that are as good as any AMC have done but the album is not as cohesive a listen as Mercury or California.

    You guys should check out Eitzels 60 Watt Silver Lining – stunningly beautiful and perfect in every way – and their latest album, The Golden Age where Eitzel provides to closest to pop he’s written yet.

    I love the fact that AMC continues to grow with each album. Tremendous band.

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