Robert Newman’s Rebellious Jukebox, 3rd September 1994

May 2, 2009

Robert Newman Rebellious Jukebox, 3rd September 1994

Never a big fan of Newman and Baddiel – too studenty and not nearly funny enough – but I always admired Newman for walking away from the whole “comedy is the new rock ‘n roll” Wembley Arena thing to write his books and do other things. Courageous, smart and dripping with personal integrity.

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3 Responses to “Robert Newman’s Rebellious Jukebox, 3rd September 1994”

  1. Stephen Says:

    Enjoy these a lot. Any chance of some more Rebellious Jukebox pages?

  2. Stephen Says:

    Did Noel Gallagher ever do one?

  3. […] Archived music press have Rob Newman’s Rebellious Jukebox interview from 1994! Fangirl squee echoes down two decades…   Oh, and Vanishing Point became one of my […]

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