Courtney Love on the cover of Melody Maker, 3rd September 1994

April 30, 2009


Back on the Horse! Sorry for the unintentional protracted break but life has been unusually busy since coming back.In a good way. Here’s to new friends – you know who you are.

It felt all wrong to carry on with that old issue and besides there’s been an important request from Alex who wrote to ask, “Do you have anything about Reading 1994? It was one of the happiest weekends of my life. I learnt to pogo!”

Speak and ye shall be sated!

Tipping my hat to ET who has a new blog at

And how’s about this. John Peel’s Festive 50: 1976-2000 as Spotify playlists (some tracks missing but still)

3 Responses to “Courtney Love on the cover of Melody Maker, 3rd September 1994”

  1. estanis Says:

    great that you came back! and with this awesome cover. the first hole show since cobain’s death, i have a bootleg of it. i wish i would have seen them live on the 1994-95 period…

  2. weronika Says:

    I’m so amazed by the things you do. All those covers and magazines seem so astounding. I really wish I had a chance to be a teenager in the early 90’s. Now, I’m filling the gaps. I’m a bit weirdo for not listening to the current indie scene. I just put the rare records from the 80’s and 90’s and feel alive. So, those articles just make me smile all the time, whenever I find my bands. Erm, I bet you are concerned with all the requests and stuff, but I’d love to see some Ride stuff, I’s like to see them more often and know more, becoz these days it’s very hard to find anything about them really. I’ve just got home with the latest NME’s interview with Mark Gardener. It was deeply touching to see their pic. Take care and thanks a lot xx

  3. Today is May 16th. You are one slack mofo. I don’t care how exciting your life is at the moment – you have responsibilities!

    And ‘ye’ has only one ‘e’. And Courtney Love can bugger off. I just knew she wasn’t a reader.

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