Simon Reynolds interviews Dinosaur, 12th December 1987

February 12, 2009

Simon Reynolds interviews Dinosaur Jr., 12th December 1987

Pre Jr. suffix, pre Freak Scene and a very youthful looking J!

“Dinosaur are the sound of galvanised lethargy, vibrant despondency”, enthuses Reynolds. Well worth reading the first intro column before the actual interview starts.

I’m contractually obliged to include Little Furry Things from You’re Living All Over Me. PLAY THIS LOUD!

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2 Responses to “Simon Reynolds interviews Dinosaur, 12th December 1987”

  1. phil Says:

    short but good piece. the slacker thing seems somewhat calculated now. they were way more driven than they let on and the first three dinosaur albums still tower above most other records of that type form that era. WHY DON’T YOU LIKE ME!!!

  2. martin Says:

    dinosaur were the ipitome of indie-rock and a personal favorite of mine, thanks for posting all these articles

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