Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991

February 9, 2009

Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991

Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991. Photos Stephen Sweet

After yesterday’s embarrassments here’s a very early piece on Stereolab, a band who were great then and are great now. French Disko seems like the obvious track to post but that’s on vinyl so here’s something that maybe isn’t so well known, as, according to Wikipedia, only 800-1000 CD’s were pressed up. A great shame because it’s a great droning jam that can be spooky/scary when stoned. Spiiiddddeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrssssss

simple-headphone-mind cover

1. “Simple Headphone Mind” – 10:36

2. “Trippin’ with the Birds” – 21:04

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One Response to “Jim Arundel interviews Stereolab, 26th October 1991”

  1. Wahey! The “See Ben for details” piece. The somewhat surreal closing line of this feature was, as observant readers may have discerned, an error – a note to the production team which got left on the page. This did happen from time to time, possibly most memorably when a place-holding picture caption I wrote on a live shot in our Reading coverage one year sauntered unhindered into print – and so it was that the portrait of some or other fleetingly popular indie rock singer appeared above the unfortunate if ultimately appropriate “Who the fuck is this?”

    The phrase “See Ben for details” passed instantly into Melody Maker office argot, generally deployed in response to any question that would previously have been answered with some variant on “I don’t know, and I don’t care.”

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