An announcement concerning the future of this blog

January 27, 2009

Whilst there is still more material to post from the original pile of papers I started out with back in May last year I feel that I’ve now posted most of the “best stuff”. Allied to that, my familiarity with these papers led to a certain listlessness on my part to keep the blog going, which is sad because I have enjoyed doing this in a perverse kind of way. So the choice became increasingly clear – end the blog early or find new material.

Now occasionally people have written offering to send me some scans from their collection and I’ve always replied to the effect that the standard of the scan really matters to me. I’ve asked to borrow copies I don’t have to scan and then return but it’s never amounted to anything – probably because I came across like a arrogant prick. But you see whilst I’ve enjoyed and warmed to providing the odd bit of (low quality) commentary, I do think that the standard of the scans here is of a high quality and a large factor in this blog’s success. So I started toying with the idea of buying a few more copies myself, not only to have something fresh to post, but also to satisfy my own curiosity and interest, which has been piqued simply as a result of starting this thing up.

Which leads me to the point of this overly long preamble. Today, in a two fingered salute to our impending financial meltdown, I bought a whole pile of new Melody Makers.

Does anyone have any clever ideas for how I go about scanning this new batch? The random thing is easy to start and keeps Mueller on his toes but it does get hard for me to remember what’s been scanned and what hasn’t. I also wonder if I should perhaps date the posts to match the month and year the scan comes from. Moving forward I need a system. For now I’m just going to start chronologically scanning the cover of each new paper I have while I think about it further but if you’ve got a better idea about what will work best then please let me know.

Here endeth the announcement.


4 Responses to “An announcement concerning the future of this blog”

  1. phil Says:

    i like it unpredictable, old mate.

    choose what interests you. it’s worked so far. and your best commentary has come with the stuff you know best. ie: that take that video review….!

    keep it personal i say. no system needed. and no more fcking christians either please.

  2. estanis Says:

    i’m particularly interested in everything that’s posted, no matter if i think that some band is cheesy or i don’t know who they are, it’s just the simple fact that they are great musical documents and there’s always something to learn. which i know is not great help as an opinion about which direction should the blog go…

    but i pretty much agree with phil about making it unpredictable, to come here wondering which band will appear, from which era will it be

  3. big dude Says:

    i kinda agree with the first two comments — it’s hard to think of a system that would really enhance things — you could be systematic and go forward chronologically or something, but you’re bound to double-back at some point after missing something good. the semi-random thing of following particular threads is effective but also just total ‘shuffle mode’ is good

    at any rate really pleased to hear you are carrying on with this, you nutter you.

  4. Josh Says:

    Where did you purchase those old melody makers from? I do like to collect old music magazines/press and find monthly magazines easier to come across than the weeklies, I’m in the Leeds/Bradford era so if anyone knows anywhere with a stash of this stuff (monthlies or weeklies) I’d be very thankfully, oh yes.

    The hard work behind this blog is very appreciated btw, thankss.

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