Jonh Wilde interviews Fish, 28th October 1989

January 23, 2009


Jonh Wilde interviews Fish, 28th October 1989. Photo by Joe Dilworth

This is for Taylor Parkes….”a fucking flute!”  – thanks Taylor, I laughed my head off.

It doesn’t get much more rock and roll than press shots in a freshly plough field propped with a tractor and a German Shepherd now does it? And I’m sure everyone can remember where they were when Fish split with Marillion – the cider flowed freely in the leafier parts of middle England that night I can tell you.

But the last I can remember of Fish was seeing him on telly in a spliff rolling competition with Tony Banks (the M.P. not the exulted Genesis keyboard player) about a hundred years ago.

What is Fish up to today I thought? Well he’s a Sony award winning Radio DJ and has churned out a steady succession of solo records since 1989 to the present. So there you go.

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One Response to “Jonh Wilde interviews Fish, 28th October 1989”

  1. Tony Banks the sadly deceased MP (one of the few people in the Blair governments to have any real integrity) *not* the Genesis one? Private Eye’s Deedesism ahoy!

    “Rock and roll” is overrated, though. Funny thing is: I used to know someone from the Rhondda who held very strong socialist views – as you’d expect from anyone who grew up there, especially someone for whom the class-war battles of 1972-84 were key moments in his young life – and took old miners’ strike allegiances so far that he refused to listen to what someone else had to say on the grounds that said someone else was from Nottingham. But he’s a huge prog fan – even liked ‘Olias of Sunhillow’ by the solo Jon Anderson and Roger Waters’ solo albums, for heaven’s sake! No idea how representative he is, but his very existence suggests that Taylor’s class-based assumptions don’t tell the whole truth. And by the time it’s 30 years old, the thought of an SNP supporter singing about the sort of people who’d have been in the Bullingdon Club – c.f. “Garden Party”, which charted the week after the 1983 election – may carry even more multiple layers of bitter irony.

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