Dave Simpson interviews Lush, 20th January 1996

January 20, 2009

Dave Simpson interviews Lush, 20th January 1996

What a momentous day! Yes, I’m back in the saddle of this blog. I very sincerely doubt anything else more news worthy happened today.

So while I sit here and listen to Slayer’s Reign in Blood here’s that “Back from the dead” Lush interview.

Back when I studied colour theory at The Sorbonne one of the things they drummed into us was “Red and green should never be seen”. Well not on the strength of this photo of Miki. What a dirty old man I’ve become.

Thanks for all the comments and mails while I was gone  – I just needed to take a break.

2 Responses to “Dave Simpson interviews Lush, 20th January 1996”

  1. poohugh Says:

    I’m really glad you’ve started doing this again!

  2. estanis Says:

    oh lush… i love this era of the band; they have a very strong discography but i think that the pure pop approach of ‘lovelife’ is one of their finest moments. too bad they had to have such a sad ending…

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