Sarah Champion on Manchester’s Acid scene, 22nd October 1988

November 23, 2008


Sarah Champion on Manchester’s Acid scene, 22nd October 1988.

The other 2 pages of the NME feature on the acid scene for everyone joining from Faith Fanzine forum. Do you want more of this stuff?

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3 Responses to “Sarah Champion on Manchester’s Acid scene, 22nd October 1988”

  1. Richard Awkward Says:

    God, that’s a shockingly bad piece of writing and it reminds me of why I always preferred the Maker to the NME, even though reading this at the time would probably have done me the power of good.

    Anyway, even though the writing style was so bitty and riddled with non-sequiturs that you’d [i]almost[/i] think the writer might have been on drugs, it’s worth it for that magnificently Tim Booth-ish quote from Tim Booth.

    Once more, for luck: “Rap and house music may have a bog following, bit then, so did Hitler; Sampling is not music and house is nice and regular for people who can’t dance properly”.

    Beavis & Butthead had it right about that dick. “Son, we don’t mind you making that music, just don’t bring our name into it”.

  2. Sanjay Sahu Says:

    I know that this day was a nice day because this day 22 october 1988 i born. And this incident took place.

  3. […] This article from the NME, by journalist Sarah Champion, puts the spotlight on the Manchester scene circa late 1988; at a time when much of the British press’ attention was on nights such as Shoom and Spectrum in London, the northern city had a nascent scene of its own… and was keen to spread the word about it. […]

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