Simon Price reviews Olympian by Gene, 11th March 1995

October 29, 2008


Simon Price reviews Olympian by Gene, 11th March 1995.

Final part of the Gene trilogy. Posted this more because of the contrasting ‘importance’ implicit in the treatment Gene get here (full page colour review by Price) compared to Jennifer Nine’s review of The Bends by Radiohead (black and white, shared review etc.)

And this despite the fact that using MM’s own clumsy star rating Gene comes out as just ‘Recommended’ compared to Radiohead’s ‘Bloody Essential’

I don’t know if this simply testament to the fact that Radiohead weren’t that important back then or if it’s proof of some MM or record company agenda to break Gene.

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One Response to “Simon Price reviews Olympian by Gene, 11th March 1995”

  1. pavemental Says:

    Maybe Taylor can comment on your last question but I’d think that the reason Gene got a full page color vs. Radiohead is just because at that point in time, MM readers would have been more interested in finding out what Gene’s debut was like vs. Radiohead’s second album. Gene were after all, a big buzz band at that point, and Radiohead were considered solid, decent, but not anything to get excited about. Meanwhile, people were in a froth about Gene (at least they were until they heard this record).

    Reading the two pieces now, I’d suggest Price’s piece is better written, he gets his point across with some semblance of a reasoned argument/analysis. Nine just prattles on with those embarrassing metaphors typical of the inkies, which we had no problem reading as teenagers.

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