Simon Reyolds reviews A Gilded Eternity by Loop, 20th January 1990

September 6, 2008

Simon Reynolds reviews A Gilded Eternity by Loop 20th January 1990

Simon Reynolds reviews A Gilded Eternity by Loop. Taken from Melody Maker, 20th January 1990.

This for Andre who left a comment recently. Not sure I have any interviews Andre and this isn’t exactly Loop’s finest hour but hope it’s better than nothing. Sad to reflect on the countless bands over the years you could apply Reynolds opening sentence from this review to- “It’s clear now that [band] peaked with their magnificent brace of EP’s in [date]”.

Not now though. I miss the EP. It gave bands a chance to develop in a way they don’t have now. Never got into Loop personally. Probably in no small part because I didn’t spend my late teenage years in a permanent fug of marijuana smoke which did seem to be an obligatory requirement at the time. And besides, Loop always played second psychedelic fiddle to Spacemen 3 – sorry Loop fans.

Elsewhere Bob Stanley reviews Opal and also fails to pump up Technotronic’s jam. Simon Patrick reviews Ozma, an early Melvins release, a band still going strong in 2008! Push reviews Divine Styler and In Goth Daze – lucky him! Finally Ian McGregor reviews The Corn Dollies, Wrecked.

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3 Responses to “Simon Reyolds reviews A Gilded Eternity by Loop, 20th January 1990”

  1. Great idea. Excellent site :)

    Sadly, apart from a select few, I took many hundreds of various music publications to the paper bank some time ago. Couldn’t find anyone who wanted them, and I needed the space.

    I do however plan to upload some John Peel articles to my site (here’s the plug) and have happily added you to my links.

    Lack of a large flatbed scanner means I shall have to simply photograph them. It’ll be interesting to see how that turns out.

    gary (“;)

  2. Andre Says:

    Cheers for that! Not the most glowing review, but good to read a bit of classic Reynolds.

  3. Carlo Says:

    Gilded Eternity is one of my favourite records, yet I never smoked marjiuana and I never made any use of drugs. You can have your own tastes as I have mine but should not offend people.

    Where Spaceman 3 just took a step, Loop with Gilded Eternity opened an entire new path. A path they’ve been the only to walk so far.

    They took it up where Neu! left it in the mid 70s and set a new mark.

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