Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses, 3rd June 1989

Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses (part 2), 3rd June 1989

Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses, 3rd June 1989. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

Been putting off scanning this for a while as I knew it would take some time. It’s done now though – enjoy.

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With August Bank Holiday coming up I thought it’d be fun to post this ad for Reading Festival. When you look at all these bands, most of whom have broken up long ago, it rather puts into perspective how well 7th on the bill, My Bloody Valentine have done. New Model Army are still together though!

Just discovered that Spin magazine put their entire magazine online for free via Simon Reynolds recent piece on My Bloody Valentine. Amazing!

This is the funniest thing I saw all week. Watch to the end…it really kicks in around 1.10. Hold tight!

Steve Sutherland reviews The Nephilim by Fields of the Nephilim, 3rd September 1988

Patchouli oil? Check. Dry ice? Check. Bags of flour (extra large)? Check.

Sutherland signs off his review with “This model will run and run until doomsday” and what a good forecast that turns out to be as The Neph have just played two back to back shows at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in July 2008. Into “the great goth preoccupation with death” we go. Here’s Moonchild. Overblown, ridiculously pretentious, but classic.

Also on this page Dave Jennings reviews Ghost Stories by The Dream Syndicate. Push reviews At the Rivers Edge by The Crazy Pink Revolvers and Mick Mercer reviews 3LB by Thatcher on Acid.

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Mr. Agreeable 16th April 1994

Both pages of Talk Talk Talk this time because I saw that Oasis debut single advert and thought “ohh look…that’s a bit of history is that” and besides, I never know when then cat might strike again.

Note how Mr. Agreeable beats the currently fashionable take on rubbishing Primal Scream by slagging them off perfectly in a single sentence as far back as 1994.

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Kurt Cobain obituary cover of Melody Maker 16th April 1994

Kurt Cobain obituary cover of Melody Maker, 16th April 1994. Photo by Stephen Sweet (taken in New York 1993)

Believe it or not, 3 days ago this cover was in pristine condition. I’d kept it for 14 years without a mark on it. Then last night I came back to find the cat had decided to use it to mop up whatever unquantifiable secretion came out of his body. So now it looks like this, all fucked up, battered and stained. A bit like Kurt really.

On the subject of bodily secretions, if you like animation then take the phone off the hook for 9 minutes and watch this fantastic piece of work. Don’t skip bits or it’ll spoil the finale. Well worth it.

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David Stubbs contemplates Kurt Cobains suicide, 16th April 1994

David Stubbs contemplates Kurt Cobains suicide, 16th April 1994. Main photo Steve Gullick.

ET conspiciously absent from all the obituary/features that ran in the wake of Cobain’s death. You get the feeling these pieces were written more out of a sense of duty and ‘having to cover it’ than anything else. But I’ve just re-read this piece and Stubbs does an admirable job given the task.

Tangentially related (I always think of Nirvana as the band that kick started ‘indie’s’ demise even though they were on Geffen when they broke) is this excellent feature from The Independent entitled “Does the world really need another indie band?”. Came across this today when trying to find out who The Wombats are for work. Depressingly I’ve subsequently realised that I have heard their instantly forgettable “Let’s dance to Joy Division” dirge. Indie landfill indeed.

Someday day a real rain will come…at Glastonbury…at T in the Park…at Reading…

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Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica 25th March 1995 - part 1

Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995 - part 2

Simon Reynolds interviews Elastica, 25th March 1995. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

The height of Britpop finds Justine reflecting on success and fame with Simon Reynolds. This is the interview that goes with this cover I’ve previously posted.

There’s a nice companion piece to this, from another former MM journalist Andrew Smith, in this interesting and lengthy Observer interview from 2002, where Justine Frischmann reflects on the aftermath of Elastica and this period in her life.

If Wikipedia is to be believed Justine has recently got married and is now studying visual arts and psychology at Naropa University. I hope she’s happier now.


Some pics from Justine Frischmann’s wedding are up on flickr. Someone posted the link on the Drowned in Sound forum board…so if you’re interested.

It’s on a farm with traditional Japanese umbrellas, and MIA’s the bridesmaid!

Chris Roberts interviews Lush, 18th March 1989

“Do you find life as miserable as Ibsen did? (A great question, Christopher. A truly great question. One for the archives).”

Chris Roberts interviews a very young Lush, 18th March 1989. So young in fact that three of them were still doing a course in English Literature at North London Poly (now London Metropolitan University) at the time of the interview, and the spur for the above quote.

Speaking of North London Poly watch this flickery piece of nostalgia

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Radiohead live at the Oxford Apollo, 25th February 1995

David Bennun reviews Radiohead live at Oxford Apollo. Taken from Melody Maker, 25th February 1995

Love this photo. It’s basically Thom on his vinegar strokes isn’t it? Or maybe he’s just imagining making love to a beautiful women. If you’ve been paying attention you’ll remember that he’s never met a beautiful woman he’s liked.

Thinking of famous people having sex reminds me of this very funny blog – Filthy Fan Fiction – I’ve stumbled across recently. There’s not that much there yet but the Pauline Quirke set piece is a gem. I’m gonna write and request one for Thom Yorke.

Also justly forgotten trustafarians, Powder, live at the Dublin Castle reviewed by Jennifer Nine.

Powder are now best known for lead singer Pearl Lowe’s (along with husband Supergrass drummer, Danny Goffey) famous drug fuelled, wife swapping exploits with the ‘great and good’ of Primrose Hill. There’s a full article about it here if by some strange chance you’ve not heard about this before under the headline “Cocaine was served on trays, but you had to leave your soul at the door”. Nice.

I’ve skimmed through it so you don’t have to, and this [cough] pearl of a quote from Pearl caught my eye – “I think we were a bit before our time, and we got roped into Britpop when we were actually rock.”

No Pearl, you just weren’t very good.