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Everett True reviews The Pixies, Ride, Cud, The Miltown Brothers & The Boo Radleys live at the Crystal Palace Bowl.

“The Pixies are living affirmation that rock is still alive and kicking its way far into our lives. The greatest rock band on the planet? Name me another of their stature.”

I have to agree with ET and it’s really pleasing to think that unlike many bands who were puffed up to dizzy heights only to vaporise to nothing outside of whatever crest of a scene they rode up on, The Pixies music is still as vital and compelling now as it was then. Truly a great, great band.

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Cater USM on the cover of Melody Maker 15th June 1991. Photo by Paul Rider.

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Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses, 3rd June 1989

Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses (part 2), 3rd June 1989

Simon Reynolds interviews The Stone Roses, 3rd June 1989. Photos by Tom Sheehan.

Been putting off scanning this for a while as I knew it would take some time. It’s done now though – enjoy.

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With August Bank Holiday coming up I thought it’d be fun to post this ad for Reading Festival. When you look at all these bands, most of whom have broken up long ago, it rather puts into perspective how well 7th on the bill, My Bloody Valentine have done. New Model Army are still together though!

Just discovered that Spin magazine put their entire magazine online for free via Simon Reynolds recent piece on My Bloody Valentine. Amazing!

This is the funniest thing I saw all week. Watch to the end…it really kicks in around 1.10. Hold tight!

Steve Sutherland reviews The Nephilim by Fields of the Nephilim, 3rd September 1988

Patchouli oil? Check. Dry ice? Check. Bags of flour (extra large)? Check.

Sutherland signs off his review with “This model will run and run until doomsday” and what a good forecast that turns out to be as The Neph have just played two back to back shows at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire in July 2008. Into “the great goth preoccupation with death” we go. Here’s Moonchild. Overblown, ridiculously pretentious, but classic.

Also on this page Dave Jennings reviews Ghost Stories by The Dream Syndicate. Push reviews At the Rivers Edge by The Crazy Pink Revolvers and Mick Mercer reviews 3LB by Thatcher on Acid.

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Mr. Agreeable 16th April 1994

Both pages of Talk Talk Talk this time because I saw that Oasis debut single advert and thought “ohh look…that’s a bit of history is that” and besides, I never know when then cat might strike again.

Note how Mr. Agreeable beats the currently fashionable take on rubbishing Primal Scream by slagging them off perfectly in a single sentence as far back as 1994.

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