Chris Roberts reviews Playing With Fire by Spaceman 3, 25th February 1989

July 30, 2008

Chris Roberts reviews Playing with Fire by Spacemen 3

Elsewhere in 7 point type…

David Stubbs reviews Ecstasy and Wine by My Bloody Valentine and North Pole by The Blipvert Bigtop.

Ian Gittins reviews Stewed To The Gills by Gaye Bikers on Acid.

Steve Sutherland reviews The Lover In Me by Sheena Easton because someone had to

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3 Responses to “Chris Roberts reviews Playing With Fire by Spaceman 3, 25th February 1989”

  1. phil Says:

    avoid my breath, i’m drunk.

    these old maker pages have reminded me how much they shaped my attitude.

    the good came through. but it was about the writing as much as the music.

    and the writers across as a gang. a gang that alienated 17 year olds with a high sense of their own worth wanted to be in. am i right?

    i think that may have been the appeal for the writers also.

    great spacemen 3 page. ‘the perfect prescription’ and ‘playing with fire’ are still up there. and they still sound good. chris roberts nails it. they meant it and they transcended the influences they wore on their deeply undtrendy sleeves (see perfect prescription cover).

    how fucking amazing! they were, like 17 or something! and despite all since, i think jspaceman needs sonic boom. his reliable velvets-heroin-jesus routine needs the weirdness.

    hearing ‘playing with fire’ for the first time back then remains a defining musical moment for me.

  2. phil Says:

    oh yeah, and, my bloody valentine.

    i played ‘ecstasy and wine’ and the ‘you made me realise ep’ far more than i did their more lauded releases.

    is loveless really that good? i don’t think it stands up as well spacemen 3…

  3. hellfried Says:

    i am currently on a spacemen 3 tip. have been listening to nothing but for the past 1 week. can you find it in yourself to indulge me by posting more stuff on them? thanks!

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