Caitlin Moran Celebrity Square, 16th April 1994

June 27, 2008

Preview - Caitlin Moran Celebrity Squared 16th April 1994

Preview section of Melody Maker featuring Caitlin Moran Celebrity Square, 16th April 1994.

God this is awful. Loaded “lad culture” instantly permeates into Melody Maker and society generally. Every part of this piece of fluff from the “She’s a Bird…” intro, to the questions, “Have you shagged anyone famous”, to the porn star pout photo is just terrible. Why did you let Simon Price & IPC do this to you Caitlin? Ah yes….you’d made it on to the telly by this time and the show had to be promoted because it was a crap.

For the curious compare and contrast Greg Dulli to this scene of domestic bliss at Mr. & Mrs. Paphides. Also note the quirky coincidence of the “Dora Dora Dora” title in the main piece on this page (one of Caitlin’s daughters is called Dora)

Few of us remained imune from being swept up into the whole Loaded “new lad” thing at the time though. I’ve just remembered a little anecdote from a Loaded Christmas party I went to. Can’t bring myself to confess publicly but I hang my head in shame at the memory of it.

Hello to all you PlanB forumites by the way. More ET coming over the weekend.

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2 Responses to “Caitlin Moran Celebrity Square, 16th April 1994”

  1. […] Came across this after talking about Loaded in a previous post. […]

  2. Caitlin Moran Says:

    Oh God, I was such awful 18-year-old! I wonder why no-one trapped me down and killed me, like a bear. And the “Dora! Dora! Dora!” thing is quite “Lost”-esque, isn’t it? Maybe it all means something.

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