Glastonbury Advertisement, 27th May 1989

June 25, 2008

Glastonbury Ad 27th May 1989

Glastonbury Advertisement – inside front cover of Melody Maker, 27th May 1989.

Scanning in some of the ads will probably be something I do more of in the future, for the moment here’s an interesting piece of topical nostalgia for you all. This happened way, way back.

Back before Jo Whiley et al sat in the BBC tent gushing about having just seen an incredible set by Kaiser Chiefs/Klaxons/insert bland T-Shirt rock band of your choice. Back before Kate Moss/Lily Allen/insert vacuous Heat friendly celeb of your choice, turned up to be papped in a pair of muddied Cath Kidson wellies. Even back before the Glastonbury weekend “lifestyle experience” cost the price of a half decent package holiday. But not quite before you could sit in a field for a weekend, taking drugs with complete impunity as this was the first year “police [were] invited by the organisers to patrol the whole site with a view to preventing crime and drug dealing”.

Aside from the £28 cost, the egalitarin billing and the single corporate sponsor, one can’t help but notice the acts on the Pyramid stage…Peel favourites The Bhundu Boys, Youssou N’Dour, Feli Kuti etc. and wonder what Noel Gallagher would have made of it.

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3 Responses to “Glastonbury Advertisement, 27th May 1989”

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  2. Borrowed your image (or NME’s) for my Glastonbury 1989 Video Clip. I have loads more footage from the old days so sign up to my channel to be informed when lore is available. If you can help with any of the bands\tracks on the trailer it would be appreciated.

  3. […] only be shown on iPlayer 7 days due to rights issues — how is that value for money? It was all very different not so very long ago and much the better for […]

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