The Stone Roses cover of Melody Maker, 3rd June 1989

June 19, 2008

The Stone Roses - cover of the Melody Maker 3rd June 1989

The Stone Roses on the cover of Melody Maker 3rd June, 1989. Photo by Tom Sheehan.

Isn’t this a brilliant cover? It seems about as close as as I think you could get to summing up that instant in a club when you’re pilled up and every moment seems to make perfect sense. Ian Brown’s pupils need to be bigger though.

There are records you grow to love, ones like Mercury Rev’s debut that slowly creep up on you over many plays and then there’s the very few like The Stone Roses’ debut that leave you slack jawed, screaming “Fuckin’ hell…listen to this!”.

I don’t play it so often these days…probably in no small part because I’ve played it to death over the years but it remains one of my favourite records of all time. It seems incredible to me that there’s loads of kids now who’ve never heard of this band and have never listened to this record.

There’s a Simon Reynolds interview with Brown and Squire inside this issue that I’ll try and scan up if I have time over the weekend but until then, if you’ve not heard it before, “FUCKIN’ HELL….LISTEN TO THIS!”

I Am The Resurrection by The Stone Roses

And from the vaults of the BBC – The Stone Roses on SnubTV. I remember it well.

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