Lush, cover of N.M.E 20th Oct, 1990

June 2, 2008

Lush - cover of the NME Oct 20th 1990

Lush on the cover of N.M.E. 20th Oct, 1990. Photo by Derek Ridgers.

5 things Lush related that I can still recall

1. Miki drinking next to me in the ULU bar before (I think) a Galaxie 500 gig in 1990

2. Turning to my then girlfriend after a long day selling ice creams at the Chelsea flower show and saying “You are my sweetness & light” in reference to the record we both loved.

3. The artwork. WOW!

4. Going to see Lush play The Venue and expecting ‘a big bang’ because I’d seen The Chart Show earlier the same day, and the on screen captions had said that’s what we should expect.

5. Being really pleased that Monochrome turned up on The Flaming Lips, Late Night Tales compilation.

Heartfelt interview with Lush’s Miki Berenyi from 2008 here, (pt2) here and (pt3) here featuring pictures from her personal photo album

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