Kurt Cobain NME obituary cover, 16th April 1994

Another classic cover from N.M.E. 16th April 1994. Photo by Martyn Goodacre.

Photo enlargement disabled due to persistent copyright abuse.

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The Sundays Live at The Warehouse, Leeds 1989

Dave Simpson reviews The Sundays, Live at The Warehouse, Leeds May 27th 1989. Hard to tell from the review whether he thought it was any good or not isn’t it?

Dave Simpson now writes regularly for The Guardian Arts blog.

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New Order live at Wembley Arena Dec 1987

“This was New Order at their best, worst and nowhere in betweeen”

Chris Roberts reviews New Order live at Wembley Arena. Taken from Melody Maker 19-26th December 1987.

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The Stone Roses N.M.E. cover 1989

Classic N.M.E. cover of The Stone Roses at the peak of their powers. 18th November 1989. Photograph by Kevin Cummins.

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Stone Roses live at the ICA

Everett True reviews The Stone Roses live at The I.C.A. May 27th 1989

U2 cover of Melody Maker Dec 1987

1987. The year U2 become the biggest band in the world after releasing The Joshua Tree.

Admire the youth of little Bonio without his (ironic) rock star shades before the weight of the world got to him. Don’t forget – Make Bono History.

The Sundays MelodyMaker Interview Jan 20th 1990

The Sundays interviewed by Everett True before he became close personal friends with Kurdt Cobain. Taken from MelodyMaker Jan 20th 1990.

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic is one of the few records from around this time that I still listen to today and if you’ve not heard the album I’d strongly urge you to go and buy a copy. From memory the 2nd album was crap and I didn’t even know they’d released a third. I’d assumed they’d had split up but according to their Wikipedia entry not only are the band together but so are Harriet and David, who are currently focusing on raising their two children. Awwhh bless!

Now the hype’s died down I’m going to check out those other two records and see if they’re as good as the first one.

These fullscap Melody Makers are a bitch to scan in by the way. This one took more than 10 A4 scans so I hope someone out there appreciates it one day.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones and words will just finish me off”

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