Sinead O’Connor N.M.E. cover 1988

May 30, 2008

Sinead O\'Connor NME cover 29th October 1988

Sinead O’ Connor N.M.E. cover 29th October 1988. Photo by Kevin Cummins.

“A breathless Barry Egan stokes the elfin inferno” reads the byline to the article inside this edition, where Sinead lays into Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and U2. Almost sacrosanct personalities at the time but now criticising these people seems reasonable, sensible even, given the perspective that a little time and distance provide.

Of course for Sinead, Nothing Compares 2U, the Pope incident and all her other traumas are still in the future at this point and given her long and tumultuous history it’s easy to forget what a great record her debut, The Lion and the Cobra, is/was.

Sinead’s wikipedia entry astounds me with the news that she recently came out on Oprah as having been diagnosed as bi-polar, apparently attempting suicide at the age of 33. I remember seeing Sinead on the Holloway Road around this time 98/99. It stuck in my mind because she just looked so, well, fucked basically. Now I know why.

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