The Boo Radleys. Melody Maker cover Feb 18th 1995

May 27, 2008

The Boo Radleys Cover Feb 18th 1995

Melody Maker cover Feb 18th 1995. Cover photo Tom Sheehan

I have a huge admiration for Martin Carr. Discovered The Boo Radleys back in 1989 through a friend, who had a friend that played drums with them in Liverpool. Bought Ichabod and I and never looked back. Unlike most bands who start brilliantly and then fade The Boo Radleys just got better and better for me, apart from Wake Up! that is.

This cover marks the time of that records release. I’m glad for the success and cash(?) it brought him/them but as a record it always left me kinda cold. Sure, Wake Up Boo! was a great single but the album as a whole just didn’t do it for me. The next two records (C’mon kids and Kingsize) seemed to be completely overlooked, yet they’re the ones I come back and listen to time and time again. I blame the artwork, which, almost without exception, is absolutely terrible. I think I read something about Kingsize only selling 9,000 copies in an interview. That’s a fucking travesty!

Still, no point in looking back. Martin Carr is expecting a baby, has new material out under his own name and is even due to play live in London. Check it out at his new MySpace page.

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