The Sundays, live at The Warehouse, Leeds 1989

May 25, 2008

The Sundays Live at The Warehouse, Leeds 1989

Dave Simpson reviews The Sundays, Live at The Warehouse, Leeds May 27th 1989. Hard to tell from the review whether he thought it was any good or not isn’t it?

Dave Simpson now writes regularly for The Guardian Arts blog.

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3 Responses to “The Sundays, live at The Warehouse, Leeds 1989”

  1. A Big Sundays Fan Says:

    Thank you for The Sundays NME articles! A review so early in their budding career too! I can tell you that every fan of The Sundays gushes about the band and Harriet Wheeler (especially sweet, adorable Harriet) in the same manner as Dave Simpson.
    BTW, other appearances of The Sundays on NME that I know of include Jan. 4 ’90, Jan. 13 ’90 (pg 3), and Sept. 19 ’92. I’m sure there are plenty of other articles that I’ve never seen (including the Leeds review above). Harriet Wheeler is also on the cover of a Jan 14 ’89 Melody Maker. I just have pics of these covers and articles, but a scan would be fantastic and gratly appreciated as well as any other blurbs and pics of this sorely missed band . ;)
    Thanks again for your scan.

  2. arthur vandelay Says:

    It’s not that hard to tell, it’s quite clear that he found the concert enjoyable

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