David Stubbs reviews What’s the Story (Morning Glory), 30th September 1995

July 2, 2009

David Stubbs reviews What's the Story Morning Glory, 30th September 1995

David Stubbs reviews What’s the Story (Morning Glory), 30th September 1995.

A very generous review from Stubbs. I was never a big fan of Definite Maybe but this record was a fucking disgrace after that and the fact that it sold by the truckload was the most depressing thing that happened in 1995.

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4 Responses to “David Stubbs reviews What’s the Story (Morning Glory), 30th September 1995”

  1. Of course, the way the music press instantly decided that this was The Album Of A Generation – mere weeks after their mostly rather dismissive original reviews – was the definitive moment when they lost their authority and credibility (actually, perhaps it wasn’t, perhaps *the* definitive moment was when they did the opposite over ‘Be Here Now’, a masterpiece one week, overblown dreck the next).

    It also remains the moment a certain subculture died, and perhaps so did British politics, in their true sense.

  2. [...] only fair to remember that there was always a counter-argument – in 1995 we find David Stubbs declaring Oasis finished, and this was even before they’d played that show to a crowd of 16 million or [...]

  3. nick Says:

    I cant believe people are bagging out morning glory the album is great and most importantly original. people may say that oasis steal from the beatles etc. however it is important to realise the beatles had their influences aswell. tracks such as champagne supernova, wonderwall and even morning glory are timeless classics. Noel Gallagher is considered music legend. If you dont believe it simply listen to the bands b-sides such as talk tonight and the masterplan. Oasis, live forever!

  4. It’s a fine pop album. Retro and derivative, maybe, but great songwriting. It just became too big, in the sense that everyone in the country should own a copy or they were weren’t “normal.” You wouldn’t be saying this if Oasis had called it quits after this or even Be Here Now.

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