Singles reviewed by Andrew Mueller, 18th March 1995

I’m not going to say anything about the photo. Nope, nothing.

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Taylor Parkes reviews The Smiths re-issues 25th February 1995

This is absolutely fucking brilliant. I too was one of the doomed and this was my mantra.

Well I wonder
Do you hear me when you sleep ?
I hoarsely cry
Oh …

And in a lovely piece of irony, the cover stars referred to who “will never mean that much” have an advert placed directly under the review. By accident or design?

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Mr. Agreeable 18th March 1995

Talk Talk Talk featuring Mr. Agreeable, 18th March 1995.

Oblivion, open thy jaws, here comes another f***ing sprat!

Unrelated to this post but great finds from the del.ic.ious account of who also added this blog.

A selection of full and partial recordings of John Peel’s BBC radio show from 2002 and 2003. Recorded direct to PC from digital radio, so in most cases the quality is reasonably good.

Extensive blog sourcing archived John Peel radio shows

Great post of rare MBV material including a 4 track Peel session from 1988

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David Stubbs interviews The Young Gods 19th - 26th December 1987

David Stubbs interviews The Young Gods, 19th-26th December 1987.

A clever reference to U2’s Unforgettable Fire titles this piece I first read when I was 16. A few quotes culled from this for the time poor.

“Their sound is pure artifice, spectacular, irrelevant, a disembodied roar, a cathedral unpeopled except for Gods whispering among themselves.”

“There’s ‘Did You Miss Me?’ their Dadaist reworking of the Gary Glitter chestnut, a stately montage of Tchaikovsky, Liszt and an audience scream from a Yello live album”

“And ‘Jusqu’au Bout’, their masterpiece, which shudders deliriously like the earth about to vomit its core, like sex between God and Satan, a slamdance between the moon and the sun.”

Back then I read these pieces with a sort of mystified awe…I didn’t fully understand it but I knew I wanted to hear the record. And today it’s easy…here’s The Young Gods ‘smash hit’ single Envoy√© from the MM Album of the year.

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Manic Street Preachers cover, 20th July 1991

Manic Street Preachers on the cover of Melody Maker 20th July 1991. Photo Steve Gullick

This is the final part that accompanies the last two posts with ET inset on the cover. Cover story interview by Simon Reynolds in a previous post here.

Something new tomorrow. Well something old new but you know what I mean.

Here’s something new, new. It’s Radiohead’s video for House of Cards. Thom has become Mike TV. It’s interactive…click and drag and use the mouse wheel. What’s the verdict on this? Still think the long 10+ minute version of Spinning Plates I saw at onedotzero is the best thing they’ve done videowise.

I’ve just noticed that inside this issue way before Delores became everyone’s favourite whipping boy (woman?) Ian Gittins practically turns himself inside out to break The Cranberries in Sidelines – “So when they’re good they’re very, very good, and when they’re better they’re…perfect”
Hahaha…mind you Delores is considerably richer than all of youse so who’s had the last laugh?

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Everett True interviews Billy Bragg 20th July 1991

Everett True sleeps with interviews Billy Bragg, 20th July 1991. Photos by Stephen Sweet.

Safe sex doesn’t mean no sex it just means…mutual masturbation. Brilliant!

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GWAR live at the Dome, July 1991

Everett True reviews GWAR live at the Dome and Zane reviews Rebel MC at the Town & Country Club. Taken from Melody Maker 20th July, 1991.

This and the next two posts all related to the discussion on the Plan B forum between Jerry (Everett True) and Father Fred.

Before Lordi came GWAR. A pantomine vision of hell with gallons of fake blood. Never saw GWAR but a friend did and it sounds like ET’s review does the show justice.

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Melody Maker Staff Picks, 24th – 31st December, 1988 (part three)

Link to Staff Picks part one here

I said I was going to put up some of the tracks but now it comes to it I don’t have the time – sorry.

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Melody Maker Staff Picks, 24th – 31st December, 1988 (part two).

Link back to Staff Picks part one here

Steve Sutherland subsequently went on to have a huge hit record with Right Said Fred.

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The Boo Radleys Interview Part 1 18th February 1995

The Boo Radleys Interview Part 2 18th February 1995

Taylor Parkes interviews The Boo Radleys, 18th February 1995. Photos Tom Sheehan & Stephen Sweet.

Welcome to anyone joining from the When Saturday Comes forum link. Thanks to EIM for spreading the word.

A very amusing thread as it turns out. On the one hand you’ve got Taylor (Parkes) feeling like the last kid to be picked for a football kickabout while Spearmint Rhino, (Simon Price) pitches in with “I think the Boo Radleys cover story was by me, but he’s only scanned the cover, not the story…” Well here’s the story in all it’s glory – take a bow Mr. Parkes. God it’s like throwing meat to a couple of hungry lions although this probably still won’t satisfy. I’ve moved my response to anyone feeling Taylor’s confusion about the apparent random posts and lack of ‘meat’ into the About page on this site.

Oh and go and see Martin Carr play The Social on 12th August.

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